Eastern Oklahoma State College

Eastern Food Service by Great Western Dining

Conveniently located at the heart of Eastern's beautiful campus, on the first floor of the E.E. 之旅tellotte Student Center, the Coal Mine and 网吧 are popular destinations for Eastern students, employees and the public, offering a pleasant place to enjoy a good meal, relax and spend time with friends, socializing or studying. Take advantage of our Wi-Fi availability to work on assignments or check Facebook, while listening to 登山者广播 and enjoying a panoramic view of Eastern's campus. With the campus 邮局, 书店 and an ATM in close proximity, and with Student Services and the Ballroom just upstairs, it's guaranteed that this is one of the most frequented areas on campus.


All students with a meal plan will have an additional $60 per semester of 登山者雄鹿 already preloaded on their Mountaineer Card to use for snacks and drinks at the 网吧 in between meals. Students can also use their 登山者雄鹿 to purchase a meal in 煤矿 or 网吧 for a guest.

参观 学费 & 费用的网页 for more information about the cost of living on campus, including meal plans.



Great Western Dining - 之旅tellotte Student Center

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